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          The #1 destination for orthopedic & diabetic shoes

          Apex diabetic footwear provides optimal protection, comfort and style

          Apex footwear is designed to protect your feet from the threat of diabetic foot ulcers while providing quick relief from pain and discomfort.

          Learn why millions have trusted Apex as their choice for diabetic footwear...

          • Padded Collar & Tongue
            Provides cushioned comfort and prevents heel slippage
          • Biomechanical Footbed
            Contoured EVA insole provides support, cushioning and shock absorption
          • Multi-Density Midsole
            Strategically placed firm EVA under medial arch for additional support
          • Customization
            The added EVA insole allows you to easily customize the comfort and fit of the shoe by trimming the insole at the areas of pressure. The insole may also be fully removed for additional depth.
          • Molded External Heel Counter
            For supported rearfoot control
          Shoe Diagram

          Why Orthopedic or Diabetic Footwear?

          The diabetic foot is uniquely at risk for injury, ulceration, infection…even partial and total amputation. That’s why wearing appropriately designed, great-fitting diabetic shoes is so vital for those suffering from diabetes. Apex diabetic shoes have been in the business of manufacturing and distributing the finest diabetic shoes available anywhere for nearly 50 years.

          Throughout its history, Apex has designed and constructed its diabetic shoes specifically to protect and support diabetic feet. Today’s Apex footwear meets the highest standards of care for those suffering from diabetes and we take great pride in the contribution our company and our diabetic shoes have made to the steady decrease in diabetes-related amputations over the past few decades.

          Apex Footwear is the Best Choice for Protecting and Supporting the Diabetic Foot

          Defense Against Foot Pain & Numbness

          Because polyneuropathy – the most common form of peripheral neuropathy – is the most common symptom of diabetes and prediabetes, excellence in manufacturing and materials are of critical importance. Apex manufacturing and materials are the finest in our industry. Polyneuropathy often causes numbness in the feet that makes it virtually impossible to feel the rubbing and related sores that cheaply-made shoes can cause. Those diabetic wounds can lead to infection and amputation.

          Superior Fit & Layers of Removable Depth

          Apex footwear has a minimum of 5/16” and as much as a full 1/2” of removeable depth in multiple layers making proper shoe fit a breeze. We also feature more widths to better accommodate our diabetic customers' needs and ensure that they receive great fitting shoes for even the hardest-to-fit diabetic feet.

          Special Materials & Features to Protect & Pamper Feet

          With the exception of our Stretch and Conform styles, all Apex shoes feature a soft, moisture-wicking lining with non-exposed seams that helps keep feet comfortable, dry and safe from irritation. In addition, Apex ‘Active’ and ‘Casual’ footwear styles feature strategically-placed padding and contoured insoles that provide optimal support, cushioning and shock absorption – essential features in protecting and pampering diabetic feet.

          Durable, Roomy and Soothing

          Apex diabetic shoes incorporate reinforced shanks for rearfoot stability. Higher, wider and reinforced toe boxes enable enough wiggle room for diabetic feet to avoid rubbing and dangerous irritation while still providing a feeling of gentle cradling within a firm foundation. Lastly, our anatomically-shaped lasts invite the foot to rest in the shoe more naturally.

          Apex Footwear is the Best Choice for Protecting and Supporting the Diabetic Foot

          Complete your purchase with our Copper Cloud diabetic socks

          We recommend bundling with our Copper Cloud diabetic socks. We have more copper per square inch of material than any other sock out on the market. Copper provides antibacterial/ antifungal/ anti-order, and softer skin. Wearing these socks with your Apex shoes provides the ultimate solution in healing the pain caused by diabetic feet. We recommend white socks as this helps identify any bleeding commonly associated to diabetic feet.

          Copper Cloud

          Copper Cloud Orthopedic & Diabetic Socks

          • Non-binding welt
          • Moisture-wicking acrylic to keep feet cool and dry
          • Y-heel and toe construction for a perfect fit
          • Heel and forefoot padding
          • Multi-benefit, copper-infused yarn
          • Light arch support
          • Ventilated airflow
          • Seamless construction for maximum protection

          Health Insurance Coverage

          You might be covered by Medicare

          The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 23.1-million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Studies have shown that 25 percent of persons with diabetes develop foot problems related to the disease and that up to 15 percent of persons with diabetes develop foot ulcers. Our shoes qualify for Medicare. See if you are covered, click here:

          Medicare Information

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