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          Apex Shoe Technology

          Because one style doesn’t fit all.

          You deserve a pair of shoes that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also engineered to support the unique biomechanics of your feet. With 26 bones and 33 joints – all of which must work together to support your body weight when you move around – the foot and ankle is a very complex structure. Given this complexity, we believe that taking a one-style-fits-all approach to shoe design isn't a healthy approach.

          That’s why we developed X-Last, V-Last and A-Last technologies: three different approaches to shoe design and construction that are engineered to help you move about the world in the most comfortable, efficient way.

          Which style is right for you?

          Determining which of these technologies is right for you depends on how much your foot pronates when walking. Pronation is the natural outside-in motion of the foot that begins when the outside edge of the heel strikes the ground and ends when you push off with the big toe. Overpronation can lead to conditions like Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and even knee or back pain. To prevent these conditions, the shoes and orthotic inserts you choose should be designed for your level of pronation. That’s why Apex is the go-to footwear brand for so many health-conscious consumers.


          For moderate to excessive overpronation.

          X-Last technology is designed specifically for those with a moderate to excessive amount of overpronation when they run or walk, usually those with low arches or flat feet. With X-Last shoes, a molded external heel counter that extends around the heel to the arch works in conjunction with an internal heel counter to provide superior motion control and maintain the foot in a neutral position during each step.

          • Molded external heel counter for added control.
          • Composite shank for stability.
          • Slip-resistant rubber sole for increased traction.
          • 5/16” in removable depth for fitting flexibility and the ability to use orthotic inserts.


          For mild to moderate overpronation.

          V-Last technology is designed to provide increased stability control for those with mild to moderate overpronation. As part of the multi-density midsole, firmer materials are used under the arch to provide additional support and a supporting shank provides stability and control. This helps keep the foot in a neutral position during each step while providing superior comfort.

          • Multi-density midsole with firmer EVA under the arch.
          • Aggressive lug design for added traction.
          • 5/16” in removable depth for fitting flexibility and the ability to use orthotic inserts.


          For neutral to mild overpronation

          A-Last technology is designed to support the natural motion of the foot while walking or running, making it ideal for those without overpronation problems. A neutral gait is the most biomechanically efficient way to move and A-Last shoes are specifically designed to make that movement as comfortable as possible.

          • Lightweight design and construction.
          • EVA midsole.
          • 5/16” in removable depth for fitting flexibility and the ability to use orthotic inserts.
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